Gray ATV Calf Catcher
“Would never calve
cows again without
it! No worries now
about getting hurt
while processing
babies, as we
all know how
protective a good
mother cow can be.”
Designed for Processing Safety
- Guards cattlemen against protective
  and naturally instinctive mother cow!
- Built to last! Durable, all welded
  quality construction! Preassembled!
- Tested and Proven in multiple terrains!
- Designed for quick mount and
  dismount on ATV!
- Reasonably priced...Order Early!
Important Calf Catcher Benefits...
- Mounting and removal is fast!
- Enables quick and safe calf catching!
- Convenient step in access from ATV!
- Holder secures calf for easy processing!
- User-friendly inside release of calf to cow.
- Move calves easier with cow following!
- Removes danger when working new calves!
- Less cow stress, mother cow can see
  and smell calf!
Designed by a Cowman...
to Ensure Cattlemen’s Safety!
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User-Friendly and Durable, Designed to Make Your Calf Processing Safe and Easy!
For questions or to order via phone,
call 877-505-0914 today.
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